Veritas Tech Symposium 2018

Veritas Technologies, a worldwide leader in enterprise data protection and software-defined storage market, is bringing its technology expertise to Kuala Lumpur to help customers address data challenges in the upcoming Veritas Tech Symposium 2018. The event will be held on 31 October 2018 at Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Designed to answer tough data management questions plaguing businesses today, the Kuala Lumpur edition of this symposium will bring together data protection experts, partners, technology leaders and customers to explore how organisations can manage their most important asset – data.

Attendees will hear from experts on how to take control of their data and manage it across an equally growing and diverse IT infrastructure, as well as how to keep pace with compliance in a world of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and improve resiliency in a world of ransomware.

“In today’s new economy, data is the digital currency for growth. It is a critical asset for any organisation or business. With the exponential growth of data – collecting, storing, analysing and utilising this data will inspire innovation and in turn, drive businesses into the competitive future. The wealth of data and the insight it provides will help companies make more informed decisions to achieve competitive advantages,” said Ravi Rajendran, Managing Director of Asia South Region, Veritas.

“In an increasingly fragmented IT landscape, data is located across on-premises, hybrid and complex multi-cloud environments. It is critical for organisations to make strategic choices around data protection, collection and storage, beyond just backing up their data – to ensure they can achieve regulatory compliance and capitalise their data, all while cutting costs,” added Rajendran.

Helping customers discover and implement the right data protection and software-defined storage solutions is the ultimate goal of Veritas Tech Symposium. The sessions at the symposium will help customers uncover the possibilities and reap the benefits of a unified data management strategy.

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