Malaysia Hindu Sangam lodges 200 police reports on Seafield temple riots

The Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS) has lodged some 200 police reports nationwide into the violent episodes at the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple in USJ 25, Subang Jaya, yesterday.

This includes 20 reports lodged in Penang, including 15 at the northeast district police headquarters here this afternoon.

According to MHS Penang chapter chairman M. Muniandy, the temple riot has since become a highly sensitive issue and warrants immediate actions by the police.

“We want police to investigate the incident without fear or favour, and the culprits to face the law.

“We condemned the violent act, which can affect racial harmony which we have all been enjoying,” he said when met.

Meanwhile, MHS Penang chapter vice chairman A. Tharman said they regretted what happened yesterday, which resulted in a firemen to suffer serious injuries, after rioters attacked him.

“It is something which is not supposed to happen and we apologise for that. That is why, we are urging police to take the necessary action.

“Everyone is subject to the law of the country and certainly no one is above the law,” he said.

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