A Number of Digi Customer's SIM Hijacked, used to purchase on Steam

Recently there has been a report where a number of Digi customers, mostly postpaid users, were blocked from accessing the mobile service because their SIM Cards were replaced by someone without authorisation.

First reported by tech site Amanz, some of these Digi postpaid users experience no service around midnight, only to find out that their SIM has been replaced (by a 3rd party), postpaid plan upgraded and used to add funds to Stream Wallet, among other purchases.

At the moment, this appears to affect a small number of users.

Amanz said that Digi is aware of the issue and will be providing an update however there have been no progress over the past 3 days.

If you are affected by this, you are advised to make a police report and share a copy of the report with MCMC. You are also free to take any legal action against the Telco if you feel that they have violated their own Terms of Service.

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