Video: Bukit Aman's CSI team examines riot location

The Bukit Aman Forensic CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) unit arrived at the location where rioting on Tuesday morning had caused property damages and left a Fire and Rescue Department personnel Muhammad Adib Muhammad Kassim seriously injured.

Unrest near the temple began during the wee hours on Monday after a group of 50 masked individuals attacked the temple and held some of its caretakers at knifepoint.They were chased out by supporters of the temple and a riot ensued.After news of the attack by the masked group spread, thousands of ethnic Indians had gathered near the temple on Monday night.The violence began shortly after midnight. Several vehicles that passed by the temple were damaged and a mob attacked Fire and Rescue Department personnel who tried to put out a fire.Another mob attacked MCT Bhd’s offices nearby. MCT Bhd is the owner of One City Development Sdn Bhd.

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