160 eateries shut down in enforcement operations in PJ


Petaling Jaya City Council closed down 160 restaurants and food stalls up to October this year during their inspection and enforcement operations. Some 1,612 compound notices were also issued during this period.

The compound notices were centred around four main reasons: poor restaurant cleanliness, no typhoid jab, food handlers with poor hygiene and not wearing apron/covering hair.

The most summonses issued under the restaurant category were to 306 food handlers without typhoid jabs.

Poor cleanliness and maintenance of the restaurants resulted in 141 summonses.

Some 129 summonses were issued to food handlers with poor hygiene while 124 summonses were slapped on food handlers who did not wear aprons and cover their hair.

Petaling Jaya mayor Datuk Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain said, “The restaurants were graded throughout the inspection sessions and 780 restaurants were issued grade ‘A’.

Meanwhile, 463 restaurants were graded ‘B’ and 144 received grade ‘C’. Under the hawker stalls category, some 1,117 compound notices were issued to night and morning markets, and Ramadan bazaars. Summonses were issued to 691 stalls without business licences while 314 summonses were issued to those without typhoid jabs.

Seven hawker stalls were shut down due to poor cleanliness.


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