Astro, Digi and Media Prima brings together education content with JomStudy

Astro, Digi and Media Prima brings together education content with JomStudy 1

Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad (Astro), Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi), and Media Prima Berhad (Media Prima) have collaborated to introduce JomStudi, a digital learning hub that aggregates quality educational content to be made accessible to all students especially those in the underserved areas. Launching in January 2019, JomStudi is an initiative led by the private sector and supported by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

JomStudi was conceptualised as a response to the changing learning landscape where the internet has become the go-to tool for students to get information. Through JomStudi, students will have easy access, anytime, anywhere to quality education content that follows the syllabus format set by the Ministry of Education provided by Astro’s Tutor TV and Media Prima’s exam-based FullAMark. The platform is developed and managed by Digi.

Astro’s Tutor TV is a fun, interactive channel that educates students in the country on all school syllabus content. It consists of 3 modules, namely Astro Tutor TV UPSR, Astro Tutor TV PT3, and Astro Tutor TV SPM dedicated for students who will or are undergoing examinations. Meanwhile, FullAMark is an online learning portal that enables students to access revision exercises based on four (4) core subjects of UPSR, PT3 and SPM.

JomStudi will be “self-learning oriented” with features that will help enhance a student’s learning experience such as:

  • Reward Badges: Students collect different badges as a reward for completing their assignments.
  • Personalised dashboard: Students have a complete view of their progress on the different activities they are currently doing or have done.
  • Zero Data: Free access to JomStudi content from 2.00pm to 8.00pm daily, exclusive for all Digi customers.

JomStudi will later be expanded to include technology and digital content, digital literacy resources and informal skills learning through partnerships with other content providers. To start off, an internet safety and resilience module called Digi World will be made available on JomStudi, to ensure students are equally aware of the importance of online safety. Digital content from the #mydigitalmaker movement such as modules on coding, programming and digital maker activities will also be made available to impart computational thinking competencies from as early as four years old.

YB Tuan Gobind Singh Deo, Minister of Communications and Multimedia expressed his concerns on the critical need to have digitally skilled future talents in preparation for the Industrial Revolution 4.0. “Having easy access to quality educational content online will create a myriad of opportunities especially for underserved students, giving them equal footing with their urban peers with the right set of skills and knowledge to thrive in our digital future. I believe digital technology is a tool that we must continue to leverage to enhance and change the way learning is experienced by our students. I’m pleased and encouraged by this joint effort by Astro, Digi and Media Prima, and look forward to more public-private sector partnerships like these as we work towards a better future for the country.

Putri Yasmin Megat Zaharuddin, Vice President GenNext, Astro

As the nation’s leading media organisation, Astro aspires to enrich the lives of Malaysians through both entertainment and education. Astro Tutor TV was launched on TV, online, on mobile and in schools to help students with the Malaysian school syllabus, and was made available for free to 10,000 government schools. We are pleased to share that since its launch in 2010, Astro Tutor TV has benefitted more than 6 million people each year. In addition to being offered on Astro and NJOI, Astro Tutor TV is also available ‘on demand’ on mobile apps like NJOI Now, Astro GO and on Youtube. We are happy to offer Astro’s educational content on JomStudi, an interactive digital learning platform which will enable us to grow our audience reach especially to students in rural or remote areas”.

Albern Murty, Chief Executive Officer, Digi

“In this fast changing digital era, it is important to provide easy access to the Internet for what matters to our customers, no matter where they are and irrespective of their backgrounds. Our goal with this partnership is to provide easy, anytime access to the best learning materials to students in all parts of the country through JomStudi. We are pleased to work on this initiative with like-minded partners who are equally committed to help reduce inequalities.”

Datuk Kamal Khalid, Group Managing Director, Media Prima

“As the leading fully-integrated media company in Malaysia, we are delighted to provide students with access to FullAMark, the digital evolution of NSTP’s vast experience in Malaysian education through its pullouts in BH (DIDIK, MINDA and SKOR) and NST (School Times). With new Examination Board-certified exercises updated weekly, as well as live peer-to-peer interactions between students and e-Cikgu, FullAMark certainly makes for an overall active and fun learning experience.

“Media Prima remains fully committed in nation-building through education. By leveraging on technology to provide benefit for students in rural communities throughout Malaysia, JomStudi clearly manifests our strong desire to ensure a successful start in life for all Malaysians, regardless of background or locality.”

Datuk Yasmin Mahmood, Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

“One of the most important digital economy moves we have to make as a nation is to prepare our children for the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is now touching and changing the world. MDEC is pleased to support JomStudi, which aligns with two of the pillars vital to Malaysia’s digital economy transformation – namely the development and growth of talent and to ensure digital inclusivity for all Malaysians. We welcome similar efforts so that we can together build a strong foundation for the future of Malaysia.”

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