Be aware of Socso entitlement

Members of the public have been urged to make full use of benefits offered by the Social Security Organisation (Socso).

To date, many are unaware of Socso’s benefits which is entitled to all those who have been contributing to the fund from their monthly salary.

Recently, two recipients received lifetime support from Socso in the form of monthly payments, calculated based on a percentage of the last drawn salary of their deceased family member.

One of the recipients Lim Kwee Ming said the monthly sum would definitely help him reduce his daily expenses as he still has a son in school.

“I did not know I was entitled until I saw a poster about a talk by Socso in the Sungai Way New Village which led me to learn about the benefits after attending the talk,” said Lim, 54.

Lim’s wife passed away in May and he is entitled to receive a one-off RM2,000 funeral aid as well as a monthly payment, which is 65% of his wife’s last drawn salary.

Another recipient Ngu Leng You received funeral aid as well as monthly payment despite it being about 18 years since her son passed on.

“I was surprised that I still qualified as my son died in 2000 and after checks done by Socso, I can still receive the financial aid and 65% of his last drawn salary every month,” she said.

The 76-year-old, who lives with her husband who is in his 80s, can now breathe a sigh of relief as this monthly sum will tide them over especially with their daily expenses and necessities.

Unlike Lim, Ngu only received the one off RM1,500 for funeral aid because the increased amount was only enforced in 2016.

So for any deaths which happened before 2016, only RM1,500 will be given.

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