Malaysian teen dies from electrocution while charging mobile phone

A 16-year-old Malaysian boy died on Monday (Dec 3) after he was electrocuted while charging his mobile phone, reported Malaysian media.

Mohd Aidi Azzhar Zahrin was believed to have been wearing earphones while the mobile phone was charging, reported the New Straits Times.

His mother had seen him lying on the floor as she left for work in the morning, but had thought that he was sleeping, the report said.

However, she later felt uneasy at work and decided to head home to check on him. The 51-year-old then realised he had died.

“At home, she found him in the same position. She then tried to wake him up and as she touched him, the boy’s body felt cold,” said district police chief deputy superintendent Anuar Bakri Abdul Salam, as quoted by the New Straits Times.

The victim’s mother then contacted a clinic and a medical officer was dispatched to the house.

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