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Mobile services in UK & Japan suffer outage after Ericsson software glitch

Mobile services in the U.K. and Japan suffer outage after the mobile network equipment group Ericsson confirmed that it had identified a software glitch.

In a statement on Thursday, Ericsson said that it had identified an issue in certain nodes in the core network.

The Swedish company said that the faulty software caused network disturbances for some customers and that it was now decommissioning the issues.

The company explained that the glitch which had caused the problem affected those customers that were using two specific software versions of the node Serving GPRS Support Node – Mobility Management Entity (SGSN-MME).

Ericsson said, “An initial root cause analysis indicates that the main issue was an expired certificate in the software versions installed with these customers.”

According to the company, it began working with mobile companies in Britain and Japan after learning about the glitch.

The company said that it was working towards restoring full service to millions of customers that were affected by outages.

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