Singapore blocks Herald website for not removing objectionable articles

Access to the Singapore Herald website has been blocked after it failed to remove articles deemed objectionable on grounds of public interest.

The Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) had earlier issued a notice to the website to remove eight articles which “blatantly misrepresent Singapore’s position in the ongoing situation with the Malaysian government”.

The articles published between Dec 6 and 12 include: “Minister Khaw Boon Wan threaten Malaysia with armed forces over Johor Straits” and “Law Minister K Shanmugam backstab: Malaysia will be responsible for ‘untoward situations'”.

“Such false statements, especially the use of emotionally charged phrases like ‘threaten’ and ‘provoke’, might stoke feelings of ill will against Singapore, and undermine both sides’ efforts to resolve the situation peacefully,” said IMDA in a statement on Saturday (Dec 15).

IMDA said the articles were found to be objectionable on grounds of public interest, and constitute prohibited material under the Internet Code of Practice.

The deadline for their removal was Friday (Dec 14) 4pm.

“As the Editor of Singapore Herald has declined to take down the articles by the stipulated deadline, IMDA has directed the Internet Service Providers to restrict access to the website,” the authority said in the statement.

An IMDA notice to the Singapore Herald on Friday said the misrepresentations were serious and egregious.

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