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Special payment for civil servants to be disbursed on Dec 18

The special payment of RM500 for civil servants and RM250 for government pensioners will be disbursed on Dec 18.

The Public Service Department (PSD) through Service Circular Number Three for the Year 2018 states that the RM500 payment will be paid to officers below Grade 54 who are still in service as of Dec 18 and have served for at least 30 days.

According to the circular posted on the PSD website, those entitled to the special payments are permanent, temporary and contract staff, officers on half-pay or no-pay leave, but not those who have been on leave from Jan 1 to Dec 18, 2018, and officers seconded to agencies with separate remuneration schemes, international bodies or private companies, but not throughout the above mentioned period.

The special payment will also be extended to interim teachers and drivers of high ranking government officials and judges.

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