What Malaysians are saying about Maxis today?

As Maxis, the No.1 4G Telco in Malaysia suffered an “unmatched” network outage this morning, here’s what Malaysians are saying about Maxis today.

Zulhisham Bin Abdul Rashid Patot la…. haram jadah betul (https://www.facebook.com/maxis/posts/10156168425617986?comment_id=10156168426842986&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R%2399%22%7D)

Ruzaini Rahim woi maxis..jangan senang2
ko cakap sorry.sikit2 sorry.modal sorry air liur je.
kene ganti balik la breakdown time ni.
.jgn simply sorry sorry sorry..ko ingat aku bayar bil guna air liur je ke????

aku bayar bil tiap2 bulan tu kira mcm mana???

apa kata kalo aku cakap sorry bile time bil ko sampai??

“sorry maxis..aku tak boleh bayar bil ko bulan sebab ada masalah lain.”

ko rasa2 ko terima tak sorry aku tu ha? .bodoh.!



Panji Hitam Mlm tadi jam 11.30 buat internet 1gb selama 1 jam..tapi tak boleh guna sebab mentenen..maxis tak kan nak lepas tangan dengan minta maaf sahaja??? Ganti la balik data customer…orang topup internet guna duit..bukan main type terus dapat internet..tak kan ganti 1gb boleh merugi kan syarikat yang kaya raya ni.. (https://www.facebook.com/maxis/posts/10156168425617986?comment_id=264812220872150&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R%2347%22%7D)

Shahriza Zaffar At least, please inform us via message. How do you expect people to read this announcement when they did not have internet connection at all. With your hotline number not working. Haiya.


Daniel Yem Shahriza Zaffar and live chat also not working


Shahriza Zaffar I thought it was my phone problem. I have emergency this morning. Tried to restart it multiple of times and also wipe my simcard just for the sake of internet connection.

Saravanan Arioli Rozar Dei…. kalau bayar bill lambat bayar senang u orang potong line…. sekarang u punya service macam sampah i mau diskaun boleh……..sebab dekat 1 jam i tak pakai u punya service leh…… kaniney


Tan Bk The Communications Minister is sleeping now, even if he knew he will also do nothing about it!

Apai Scarlett Apologies not enough! Refund back to us amounting to what we paid you monthly!

Azroy Zairul Yaaaa gara2 system down saya tidak dpt main dota bersama-sama kawan saya wkwkwkw sorry bois Renzy Johney Jasni


Sok Teng We don’t need apologize, we want discount (https://www.facebook.com/maxis/posts/10156168425617986?comment_id=369887020441092&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R%2340%22%7D)

Yee Edison Can i say sorry if I didn’t pay bill?


Praven Kumar Sivakumaradass Please at least notify your customers instead of just claiming outage and problems. Almost an hour without internet last night. Are you going to pay me back for what I lost.?


MiracleJmx Ko REFUND! What kind of service? Your service Not worth for money! How many days I have been faced slow speed internet!


Shahrizan Idris Macamana dengan data yg customer dah beli.. ? Tamat tempoh macamtu je tak sampai 500mb pun guna.. Byk kali kena ,beli data nak tgk movie lepastu line problem.. paling terus takde coverage langsung seharian.. come on maxis.. (https://www.facebook.com/maxis/posts/10156168425617986?comment_id=10156168536962986&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R%2334%22%7D)

Lester Song Maxis I think ur Internet was not stable since 1-2 weeks ago. Always can’t connect to Internet recently.


Poobalan Balan Dear maxis,U should send notification to every customers regarding this issue. Really disappointed.


Sandy Ooi Maxis you sucks! I’ve been calling your customer service the past 1 hour, no one pick up, no service on my phone, no data nothing! i definitely switch to other first thing tomorrow!

Tarudi Juha Free internet utk customer maxis sbgi tanda maaf.. (https://www.facebook.com/maxis/posts/10156168425617986?comment_id=264813647538674&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R%2329%22%7D)

Chew Jessie What currently? It has been like this for the past week! And we are paying for it!

Tiban Okk Composer Maxis your apologies will not make us good. We are bloody paying for your service. Don’t give a lame excuses everytime.

Keith Lee Instead of complaining here, just more report to #Mcmc as from this simple case, we know maxis is not taking it seriously on Handling customers.

Hasnie Sidek Using maxis since 18yrs old… Its time to say goodbye.. Not just coz of tday almost everytime got issue n slow😢😢

EW Chiew II your service are always BAD and never have improvement even though I lodged my complaints few times per day. My complaints are all been ignored. Shame on your Fxxxing service Maxis…

Noha Pija Hai Maxis.

Suami saya Khairul Izzudin kemurungan & kegelisahan takleh on pubg.

Mohon selesaikan masalah ini dengan kadar segera. Terima kasih

Sinkar Yee Dear #maxis I’m currently experiencing money shortage in coming several months. I’ll working very hard to resolve this now. I’ll provide payment as soon as possible once I have money. I’m apologise for the inconvenience. Please don’t bar my line……
Can ar? Cannot right? #maxissuck

Biu Lim I almost can‘t reach home

林志辉 Maxis, can you imagine if that time people happen to have emergency , and it’s in the matter of life and death , and your line drop just like that, I think that people already die in your hand! Can you be more responsible on your customers !

Kian Meng Bayar hampir RM400 tiap bulan,tp service cam
Call 123 x dpt
Lps dpt call,xde org jawap
Benggong betul

Kuhan Kanesalingam So for the loss of “data” is Maxis taking any measures to please customers?

You seem very strict on bill payments. 🤭

Do you have similar strategies in serving customers???

Draco Wee Maxis your PR fails!
1st question: You make an announcement on FB but no SMS notice for us? Even kids know that no internet = no FB. Can’t your PR understand so simple concept?
2nd question: Your hotline basically is as good as useless. Can’t call in at all.

Kumareswaran Devanthran Dear Maxis, it’s easy to issue apology post. Did you notify each customer via sms? Will you accept my apology if I don’t pay the bill. Next, I think ministry should look closely at telco company.

Peaceful Lee Dear Maxis, please send us a text message instead of posting here. How can we online and check when we have no connection??

Izzat Safwan Azizi If got issue… Please inform us via sms. Dont be quite and just post it on fb.How do we know maxis got issue when you guys post in fb.We pay to get your services. Not free la maxis.

Kian Meng As apologize to customer,can Maxis free for bill?

Daeng Apis Dear Maxis. As i was told by a friend who works there, should there be any glitch going on and the customer(s) isn’t happy about it, the customers has every rights to demand for a discount in their next bill for that respective month. Based on what has happened in your service recently, we, as paying customers are hereby demand a discount to be given on my/our next bills. We will proceed to your service center and will demand for our rights that an apology from your Facebook account wont do justice for this mishap and losses that we have to endure during the glitch.

Ohh and please Admin.. do not delete/hide my comments. We the paying customers has every rights for this predicament!

Serene Wen Wen system down 2 hours, between 2 hours I will lost how many business you know that?? bill expensive then others, so what for I paying so expensive bill for you? So next time I late paying bills so please do not call everyday for chasing me paying bills, cause i dont have money paying you, thanks

And please next time if you wanna down server again please inform earlier like tnb and pba

Jone Lee I’m lost out of no where due to the server down and my waze is not working #pleasehelp

Khyr Al Ariff Aku rasa Pakcik Guard Maxis salah suis ni..
Nak tutup lampu jamban tertutup suis server..

Eric Tam Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia Can you ask Maxis to waive its customers’ bill for the current month or compensate customers with rebates?

Issac Chong Pay so much and get lousy service

Adam Kee Those that have purchased data packs won’t be able to use it of finish it ontime. Maxis should re-fund those customers! I was a prepaid user and the pain of losing those data is very deep!

Wong Pf Maxis TBH I just realised it’s not just my problem after I read your statement here. I understand the difficulties you had during the down time and I appreciate all the hard work given by your engineers late at night trying to solve the issue ASAP, but please during the down time I cannot go online and read any news on your FB page regarding the connectivity issue, so next time please send a SMS to inform us about it as well.


Elaine Tan What happened to Maxis? It has been so slow using your line, no 4G for more then 2 weeks. Latest update of the apps also cannot log in at all. So screw up. Very disappointed.

Sivaneshvaran Thambirajah Kita bayar lambat, tak de pula tolerance, terus kena potong. Kalau masalah dari korang terus apologise. Anyway good night.

Dexter Ng Dear Maxis, u should inform users by SMS. Even your 123 operator not picking up calls when I called.
Anyway ,all we are asking now are either rebate or extra data for compensation. Can’t you see it?

Fish Yyin Why no sms inform early??

Shan Cherie Why is the signal for maxis is getting from bad to worst ?!!! It has never been this way for the past many years ! Whats happening ??!! Signal is always untable ?! Should we just change to other telco ?? Something better be done ASAP!!!

Raja Fitri Qhalil Kami boleh maafkan. Tapi dengan syarat. Yelah maxis pon selalu lah meletakkan syarat kan? Since sekrg zaman kegawatan ekonomi. Dan, since last night till now, banyak pengguna2 yg tidak dapat menikmati data yang telah dilanggan. Jadi, molek lah kiranya jika maxis dapat pulangkan balik… ambil tanpa kebenaran, dose tau? Kitorg x halal nanti.

Hin Yap because of maxis, my girlfriend become my best friend, good job

Woo Darren Maxis is most expensive charges in malaysia..it should give better service

Derrick Hoo Don’t charge my bill this month…I get so many report in mobile legend leh

Shinji Terada Tau X aku tngah main pubg tggal 20 orang je lagi tbe2 lain hlang. Sbab kau lah aku klah.dgn x bagi notis apenye😡😡

Mark Mwc Show 4G but line not even move or slow like EDGE !

Catzterine Menjjalie Then we as a customers will pay our bill late also..

Anson Chan We demand for compensation

Pcs Pao always like this…
already few time…
better give some compensate…you line got problem we cant use…but evermonth paymeh we still pay the same…can i say sorry so i pay 50% paymeh only

Roderick Lim I restart my phone more than 10time because of you ,,maxis please next time out the Notice please ,if still like that dont care the customer i will change to another band

ChiSiang Wong Hope Get discount on next bill

Gwanie Law Seriously maxis? I almost lost my way home just because of your “service outage” 😡

Sabri Agil kiwak. ko tau ka tengah online grab!!! no Internet mcm mna nak dapat request!! compensation fee!!!!!!!!

Brian Dominic Line is bad. Internet is bad. We still pay monthly. So when your service is like my aunties slippers give your customers a rebate on their bill. Show them you appreciate them. Don’t think you locking them down on a plan will keep them from moving to other telcos #maxis #digi #umobile #celcom

Wei Jiie How we gonna see this on FB if we don’t have any connection??? Are you trying to make joke? At least inform us early before maintenance or SMS!!!!!

Kwang Ching Chean You can’t accept the late payment.
Then why do we accept your service interruption?

Kien Fei you should have compensate to the users. we pay for better services but not downtime !

Najib Riswandy Hi Maxis,anda telah menyebabkan kekalahan pada Rules Of Survival saya tadi disebabkan gangguan rangkaian internet ini.Jadi pihak Maxis harus menebus kesilapan yang dilakukan tadi dengan beri topup yang percuma kepada saya.

Mohammad Rafizi Jilaka! puas masuk keluar sim ingat hp rosak, rupanya ada outage tak bagi tahu awl2. Sucks

Aman Abdur Rahman Finally after more than 1.5 hours… thought Gobind said telcos must always provide prompt updates to their customers

Tengku Aidiel You should give us messages if there are any problems or upgrading system . Dont let your customers suffering like this .

Asmy Nazirah Nozzan Maxis2….ingat hp aku bt hal jenuh dok restart,nak kata xbyr bil…hmm!!! bru mgu sdah byr..rupa nya kome yg b’masalah

Bryan E S Lee No wonder I didn’t have a phone signal last night. Perhaps Maxis should blast out a SMS to inform us of technical issues and estimated time to resolve because I had a slight emergency last night but couldn’t use my phone.

Amyrul Fahmy Sepam Kiwak tgh main ml tibe2 xde line… dahla hilag start pastu kena plak report afk …f

Zee Zeffriza Maxis should SMS notify users instead announce on social media! Network line getting worst and worst🐌!! Such a poor service

Tan Tzee Ling Last night 1130pm to 230am data unable to use

Andy Mark Patut la dlm seminggu line maxis sngt teruk..maxis kena rebat bill pelanggan ni.

Rienna Jien Kinda disappointed with maxis now. Dlu kat rumah bangga 4G siot best tgk movie drama smua xsangkut. Skrg ni nak load buffer bukan main lamaaaa 😭 3G memanjanggg. Bgini lama xpkai wifi akhirnya harap wifi ruma je 😭

Charlie Tee Maxis pls notify ur customer wats the outtage. Posting a notice is too simple

Danny Lim Don’t always just apologize only.pay back to us

Aina Fitrieyyah At least notify cust awal2.. Jgn membabi buta je.. Cust blh consider lg if maxis inform awal psal problem ni. Xkan tu pun xthu

Stefen Cheng I don’t think you are experiencing service outrage. I’d say that your customers are OUTRAGED because of your lack of efficiency to respond and inform your customers of the service OUTAGE!

Cīncaī Bōncaī pls inform us an sms .. atleast we know that u upgrading something on the line.. now what compesation u can give too us ? no way there no reward or else ? come on there alot trouble u make ..

馬鹿淳 For those sore losers how kept complaining and asking for refund or threaten to switch line…. dude all other telco in the world for sure face technical issues once awhile.
I been a Maxis user since they started day one and I am happy with their services.

Sally Tan Almost 2week slow n no service at home area, need buy other plan service to online.. Every month pay expensive but get a small quota…That day go service centre they said maxis was in upgraded process….impossible take too long time to upgrade hvt done… Since sep till now maxis line is getting worst.. Waste ppl money…decided change to digi in this month..

Naff Bellamy bodoh dari kol 11 xde tenet ni baru ada, 1 message pon xbagi bebal maxis. aku tngah pick hero tadi terus xde tenet kepala bana anda laa

Jeff Tan Maxis should give compensation for customers loses
In terms of time and information missed out and in terms of our entertainment time
Many people only have time to relax at night
We pay a lot as u know maxis only sell expensive packages but this kind of service isn’t worth of 100+ per month slow notification and no responses from management to the public at all
Hope we can get reasonable compensation or i will change to digi or celcom once my 2 years data plan is over

Ezuan MY Tgh2 awek aku merajuk aku nk pujuk ni la kau buat hal. Tak pasal2 kene pg mamak tgh2 malam pakai wifi

Ehh Fazz sape yg main rank kt mobile legends msti hilang 1 star + kne report afk kn 🤣🤣 GG maxis nooob!!

Ayie Pee Dee WC rugi oiii aku beli data esok dh xpired tp berapa jam x boleh guna… balik2 maxis suruh email kat custcare.. menyusahkan… siapa nk ganti data aku ni

Peter Voon we need you compensate us more date start this month !if not we boycott maxis!!

Khuzairi Jaafar Do have any compensation to the user?

Syed Azri Aku rasa dah boleh tukar telco lain.Try jenama lain pulak.Line internet lambat macam siput babi.Deyyy👅 maxis aku duduk tambun bukan nya duduk pendalaman grik.Asal line macam siput babi🐌💩..Serius aku cakap Letih gila dengan maxis ni..Dulu ok jew maxis ni kat tempat aku,Tapi sekarang teruk..Letih lah asyik disconect jew..Bye2 maxis🙋😡.Aku Halal jew lah internet yang masih ada baki lagi tu..Taniah maxis perkhidmatan syarikat telco yang paling teruk kat dunia.

Kazo Orihime Yo maxis… What is happening?? Wtf is Kota Kinabalu has no DATA SERVICE…. I am paying rm182 per month for your bloody service??!!!!!

Nur Khaileesha Maisara Padan laaa
Aku tgh online bankin kot
Skali xde line kua emergency call je
Dh kenapa
Kalau dulu xde line mungkin topup abis ke ape
Tp aku dh guna postpaid bukan prepaid lagi
Aku on off data
On off setting
On off hp
Last2 aku tertido
Haha berjaya tido awal smlm, bravo 🤭😅
Line xde dlm 12tgh mlm
Ntah kul bape xsedar dh trtdo dah

Leyla Hanie Eh bodo la ,aku mai nk marah tetiba gelak2 baca komen 😑 ni salah maxis gak ni 😤

Kief Jz Patut la dari pukul 10 , line macam haramjadah …takde apa2 info , baru harini nak mintak maaf ..

Jackson Chua Just upgraded to 158 plan..
Probably should port to Celcom

Tok Wan Acoustica the stupid things is , pihak maxis tak boleh nak hantar meseg or pape ke?? drpd pkul 11 malam tdi smpai skrg ni bru aku dpt guna internet.. servis mcm haram jadah..
aku smpai check waranty hp ingat hp yg masalah.. adik aku guna maxis elok plak.. ni aku internet lgsung xboleh pakai drpd 11pm until now bru leh gune..

Malek Iskandar Baru sekarang dapat internet seriously maxis bukan sekali aku kena macam ini dalam setahun ini dah 4 kali wei agak2 lah macam mana kalau ada emergency tiba2 line hilang tak dapat call. Tolong ambil tindakan dengan segera lah jangan sampai orang dah muak terus tak nak langgan telco maxis lagi

Uma Devi Gobal #Maxis Apologies accepted but compensation demanded. Please plan your compensation packages.

Al Ghafur Bin Sapian Noob! Sape nk ganti star aku ni. Penat kot push rank.dhla internet mahal. Happy hour pun sejam je. Lg nk problem

Gyu San And I tot my iPhone was spoilt planning to throw it down lucky I had no time for that

Ah Thoo Give some actual compensation actions to your customers

Joi Jenoz I want a compensation! Ive got assignment to delivered online yet i had to find a wifi for it!!

Ct Ayu Why my hp still no service?

Faizul Hanafiz Nazari Wow! Just sorry and nothing else? Easy life easy money

Joe Al Rush Othman Maaf saja ke? Kalau nak customer bertahan lagi, buat la sesuatu

Shani Ahmad Hilang mood aku nk wassap tdi.. Line hilang tiba2

Alan Ho late payment get penalty, cut line and keep chasing for money… line and data service issue, no refund, rebate discount and no response… wtf…

Noorhayati Jalaludin Thanks for the info…but better give the memo about it earlier….anyway thanks

Muhammad Mikail aku pkai dri tingkatan 5 smpai sekrng.. line mkin hari mkin sangkak buana… tk pham.. korang dpt duit dri customer korng beli diamond dgn skin dkt ML ke jibake? jgn aku tuko telco lain

Aisy Asyraaf Ejnotej Wehh nasib tak lempaq tepon ni,ingat tepon ni yg problem, nk connect wifi pun xboleh ni🤪

Zacc Wong 1 of best co in Malaysia and the most expensive plan.. service is totally sucks … even digi also won’t down so long like u… maxis u Ada face or not….

Remy Oppa Rebate la bosskur…line mcm hanat ni..update apps pon x inform user..pebendaaaaaa

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