Yellow Heart surveys cyberbullying in Malaysia

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) unveiled the results of its third nationwide online safety survey, the Digi Yellow Heart Cyberbullying and Youth Disposition Survey 2018.

The survey sought to understand how youth stay safe online, and determine the link between their disposition and cyberbullying. The survey results were shared at the company’s annual Partnering for Reduced Inequalities (PFRI) Summit.

Digi’s chief corporate affairs officer Joachim Rajaram said this online safety survey – the third of its type published by the company – forms a vital part of Digi’s sustainability efforts over the past seven years.

“The hypergrowth in mobile adoption over the past decade gave rise to a generation of digital natives for which the mobile device predominantly, and the internet broadly, became an always-on portal to the world.

“Realising this, our efforts have largely centred around working with partners to nurture a generation of citizens who are both responsible in their online conduct, and resilient to its inherent dangers. Being one of the few credible bodies of data available on the subject of online safety, these insights have helped us and our partners make more informed actions in addressing emerging issues in this space,” he said.

The survey gathered responses from close to 2,000 youths aged 13 to 21 years old, predominantly from rural schools.

Yellow Heart surveys cyberbullying in Malaysia

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