HUAWEI nova 4 Offers the Absolute Selfie Experience

HUAWEI nova 4 Offers the Absolute Selfie Experience 1

HUAWEI nova 4 is a celebration of popular culture and mechanical perfection. Equipped with a new generation Punch FullView Display, the design of the ultimate under-display camera has been perfected. In this case, the nova 4 engineers have researched thousands of third-party apps, and R&D staff even developed a program to test the visual impact of the perforation point for the camera.

Placing the camera in the upper middle would seem aesthetic at first glance, but conspicuous and easily noticeable, during use – for example, it would easily affect users’ interaction with their phones in gaming and video apps. Therefore, after much deliberation, it was decided that the nova 4’s front camera should be placed in the upper left corner (based on the perspective of users) of the screen.

In addition, to provide users with the best selfie experience, HUAWEI has undergone extensive consumer research and user experience engineering study. It is found that most users would tilt their head slightly to the right and look straight at the camera while taking selfies.

Placing the front camera in the upper left corner, therefore, would best ensure the camera to be in line with the customary selfie angle of the user. This will further optimize the user’s line of sight to make their eyes look more beautiful, thus creating the Perfect Angle Selfie.

If you are obsessively compulsive towards centrally symmetrical designs, rest assured than in fact, the scientific concept of placing the front-facing camera on either side of the phone is not only adopted by HUAWEI, but by other major brand manufacturers as well, including Apple and OPPO.

Of course, there are still many untold stories about the “absolute bezel-less” display. It is extraordinary that a seemingly small “camera hole” can involve so much technology, research, processes, development, and the tireless efforts of countless engineers. Nevertheless, this is exactly what HUAWEI aspires to do – providing the ultimate experience to younger generations through advanced technology and craftsmanship.

25MP Poster-Like Selfies Powered by AI Beautification

HUAWEI nova 4’s 25MP camera with AI Beautification works like a professional team and provides users with a full range of beauty services from makeup to styling. It amplifies users’ beauty by giving them brighter eyes with fine eyeshadow, pout lips, straighter and sharper nose. Assisted by AI, the new HUAWEI nova 4 can perform customized beautification based on different facial features.

Skin tones and facial structure can be enhanced naturally and effectively for various styles. The AI in HUAWEI nova 4 has learned from millions of photos to study the rules of beauty, effortlessly creating poster-like selfies.

Amazing deals for nova fans

Made available in Malaysia starting 14 February 2019 with two colours options of Crush Blue and Black, the HUAWEI nova 4 is retailing at a price of RM1,899.  Not only that, don’t miss out on an amazing deal for the HUAWEI nova 3i that is now retailing at the new price of RM999! Both devices can be purchased at all HUAWEI Experience Stores, display zones, authorised dealers and major telco companies.

For more information, please visit or HUAWEI’s official Facebook page

HUAWEI nova 4 Offers the Absolute Selfie Experience 2
HUAWEI nova 4 Offers the Absolute Selfie Experience 3
HUAWEI nova 4 Offers the Absolute Selfie Experience 4
HUAWEI nova 4 Offers the Absolute Selfie Experience 5
HUAWEI nova 4 Offers the Absolute Selfie Experience 6

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