Malaysian movies gross over RM150m in 2018

2018 was a bumper year for local movie producers as Malaysians continued to appreciate local films, which garnered over RM150 million via 49 box-office releases last year.

It was a great improvement compared to the RM56.76 million collected through 59 movies in 2017.

There were five top-grossing Malaysian movies last year that raked in RM132 million, according to official data from National Film Development Corp Malaysia (Finas).

Malaysians spent RM37.7 million on supernatural horror film Munafik 2, followed by Paskal The Movie (RM30.5 million), Hantu Kak Limah (RM36.2 million), Polis Evo 2 (RM15.4 million) and KL Special Force (RM12.1 million).

Polis Evo 2 is still screening in cinemas, while Paskal is not listed under Finas’ Mandatory Screening Scheme, and thus was excluded from the box office collection data.

Paskal director Adrian Teh had recently revealed that the movie had collected RM30.5 million in theatre receipts, and that the film was the most expensive Malaysian-made movie with a budget of RM10 million. The Malaysian-made elite navy action movie currently stands at a rating of 8.7/10 on the Internet Movie Database.

Following the successful year for the local film industry, a few movie directors are hedging on potential sequels.

Teh has expressed the possibility of a sequel, with a plan to focus on other heroes from the Royal Malaysian Navy’s Special Warfare Force, codenamed Paskal.

Malaysian movies gross over RM150m in 2018

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