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MYTV launches toll-free hotline for viewers’ convenience

MYTV Broadcasting Sdn Bhd (MYTV) has opened an additional toll-free hotline to cater to the extraordinary amount of phone calls that has been taken in the last three (3) weeks.

Customers can call 1-800-18-1088 if they would like to do the following:

  • Verification
  • General enquiries

The MYTV Toll-Free Hotline is operational from Monday to Sunday, 8.00 am until 10.00 pm. Alternatively, customers can also use the following options to get in touch with MYTV:

  • MYTV Customer Careline: 1300-80-6988
  • Facebook via PM only: MYTVBroadcasting
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Whatsapp/SMS: 01152006988

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