Yes4G claims 92.9% coverage, announced new Unlimited Postpaid plans

Nowdays, Mobile Postpaid in the current telco landscape has yet to unleash the true potential of what it could become, neither has it achieved the innovation of making first world class quality at third world affordability. With this is mind, YES is committed to make pure 4G LTE and pure Voice-over LTE (VoLTE) calls accessible and affordable for all Malaysians with the introduction of the all new KONFEM 4G KONFEM UNLIMITED POSTPAID plans.

As such, YES has brought the best of pure 4G for all Malaysians with the launch of the all-new KONFEM 4G KONFEM UNLIMITED Postpaid Plans, which now comes with UNLIMITED all-day 4G LTE data from as low as RM 46 per month only.

Each Postpaid plan has been crafted to suit everyone’s 4G needs. Long-term Prepaid users looking to try their very first Postpaid plan should give the YES Konfem Unlimited 49 plan a go. If you are already accustomed to the current Postpaid plans in the market and are looking to switch over to a more affordable, pure 4G only plan, the YES Konfem Unlimited 79 will make sure you can maximize your connectivity needs without burning a hole in your wallet.  Whereas YES Konfem Unlimited 99 is a perfect match for heavy data users who want to enjoy hours of video binging without the inconvenience of worrying and desire a premium data and voice experience.

Although many are unaware of the difference, the quality of pure 4G+ is truly distinctive as it runs 7 times faster than the average first generation 4G. Moreover, YES has always been a pure 4G LTE network, which means that you will never get anything less than the true 4G you deserve. This means you can unleash the multi-tasker in you, and do what you could not before such as checking your emails and messages simultaneously, or taking that important phone call while using your navigation app because you know you will never miss a turn. Most importantly,  you can now get on a video call with your favourite grandmother while sharing your photos with her via the messaging app in real time.

With the launch of the YES Konfem Unlimited Postpaid plans, YES is also introducing UNLIMITED VoLTE calls, which connects you with your loved ones 2-3 times faster with 2.2 times clearer voice calls. Imagine the possibilities when you enjoy 10x clearer video calls with your loved ones, so that you will never have to sacrifice the moments that matter to you.

Need that extra pure 4G boost? YES also offers Konfem Turbo Daily and Konfem Turbo Weekly Data Add-Ons which provides unlimited data at no speed cap from as low as RM 5 per day for Konfem Unlimited 49 and Konfem Unlimited 79 subscribers.

Konfem Unlimited Postpaid 49 and Konfem Unlimited 79 subscribers can also enjoy voice calls at 2 sens per minute with the purchase of YES voice packs from as low as RM10 for 500 minutes, and RM20 for 1,000 minutes of quality VoLTE calls.

With the best 4G LTE availability at 92.9% of the time and best overall video experience as backed by the OpenSignal Awards 2018, YES continues to enable 4G LTE connectivity across the nation which has brought the gift of real-time moments in the present to life – elevating relationships no matter where you are, at the palm of your hand. YES understands the common woe of buffering video calls and unreliable connectivity, and believes that no one should have to compromise quality and amazing experiences on your devices that is deserved by all Malaysians.

This fundamental core belief and establishment of future proof mobile internet technology gave birth to the promise of true unlimited possibilities – what are the possibilities, you might wonder? Endless. With the launch of YES Konfem Unlimited Postpaid plans, quality family time without the common limitations becomes a reality. Gone are the days where calling at odd hours or buffering video calls were the norm dictated by arcane telco rules – and YES believes in ushering in first-world connectivity technology such as crystal clear voice and video calls no matter where you are through pioneering and award-winning voice innovation in Voice-Over-LTE.

For more information about YES’ latest promotions and plans, customers can visit the nearest YES Stores. Alternatively, they can check out the YES’ official website at or shop at the YES Online Store at

Konfem Unlimited Postpaid Plans*


Option Without Contract


Plan Name


Konfem Unlimited 49


Konfem Unlimited 79


Konfem Unlimited 99

Monthly Commitment Fees  

RM 49


RM 79


RM 99

Speed Up to 5 Mbps Up to 7 Mbps NO CAP
Voice (offnet) FREE 100 mins FREE 200 mins FREE 300 mins
SMS and Voice (offnet) 9 sen/SMS/min 9 sen/SMS/min 9 sen/SMS/min
SMS and Voice (onnet) FREE FREE FREE


Option With Contract
Plan Name Konfem Unlimited 49 Konfem Unlimited 79 Konfem Unlimited 99
Additional Rebate Rebate RM 3/month Rebate RM 10/month UNLIMITED VOICE
Monthly Commitment Fees RM 46 RM 69 RM 99
Speed Up to 5Mbps Up to 7 Mbps NO CAP
Voice (offnet) FREE 100 mins FREE 200 mins UNLIMITED VOICE
SMS and Voice (offnet) 9 sen/SMS/min 9 sen/SMS/min 9 sen/SMS
SMS and Voice (onnet) FREE FREE FREE
Contract Period 12 months 12 months 12 months

*Terms and conditions apply, *While stocks last

Konfem Turbo Add-ons*

Plan Name Konfem Turbo Daily Konfem Turbo Weekly
Price RM 5 RM 20
Monthly Data Quota UNLIMITED
Speed NO CAP
Validity 1 Day (24 Hours) 1 Week (7 Days)

*Applicable to Konfem Unlimited 49 and Konfem Unlimited 79

Voice Bundle Pack*

Plan Name Voice Pack (500 mins) Voice Pack (1,000 mins)
Price RM 10 RM 20
Voice mins (offset) 500 minutes 1,000 minutes
Validity Valid from the day of purchase until the last day of your current Billing Cycle

*Not applicable to Konfem Unlimited 99 with contract

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