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Lazada top SEA eCommerce brand, First in Malaysia

Lazada Malaysia was recently ranked the top eCommerce player in the YouGov annual BrandIndex “buzz” category for 2018. According to a survey by YouGov that measures brand perception, Lazada Malaysia generated the most positive feedback from Malaysians among eCommerce players in the country in the last 12 months. Lazada is also the only eCommerce brand from the South East Asian region to make the top 15 in the YouGov BrandIndex Global Best Brand survey.

Andrew Gnananantham, Chief Marketing Officer of Lazada Malaysia, said, “It’s an honour to be recognized as one of the top global Buzz brands in YouGov’s BrandIndex. To be the top Southeast Asian brand – and the only eCommerce brand from this region – is also an affirmation of the love and support of our customers, sellers and brand partners. Each and every Lazadian in the six countries we operate in will continue to blaze new trails and spread the love for Lazada.”

He continued “Lazada has remained consistently top of consumer’s minds in 2018, introducing new, engaging initiatives, from launching Malaysia’s first Fashion Stylist’s Reality TV Show “LazadaStyle”, to our biggest event of the year, the star-studded, multi-screen “11.11 Super Show”. It was also a year of significant growth – increasing key categories in fashion and beauty, expanding outside of big urban areas, while continuing to invest in our fundamentals and increase consumer trust in the brand”

The YouGov BrandIndex measures the public’s perception of brands daily across a range of measures. The annual rankings are compiled using “buzz” scores from across all 52 weeks of 2018. The “buzz” scores measure whether consumers have heard anything good or bad about a brand during the previous two weeks from when they complete the survey. The final scores are derived from subtracting the points of negative responses from the total of points of positive responses.

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