Razer Pay introduce promo coupons and instant messaging

Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, introduced promo coupons and instant messaging to the Razer Pay e-wallet app in Malaysia for an enhanced user experience.

The upgraded Razer Pay e-wallet offers an overhauled visual and functional e-wallet experience that combines all aspects of a modern cashless lifestyle within a single app. This includes features such as paying and enjoying attractive promos seamlessly at a large network of merchants, transferring money to friends quickly, and topping up value easily. Users can also transfer funds from their e-wallet to their bank account for free.

“Razer Pay’s global debut in Malaysia last year saw over 500,000 sign-ups in less than a week,” said Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO.  “This year, we’ve taken our fans’ feedback on our e-wallet and made it even better to enhance the cashless lifestyles of Malaysia’s youth and millennials.”

A supersized e-wallet experience for youth and millennials

The new Razer Pay comes packed with unique new features that many other e-wallets do not offer. This includes purchases and promotions at thousands of online and offline retailers, transferring and receiving money from friends, and topping up and withdrawing funds easily.

Razer Pay is among the few e-wallet apps that supports both physical top-up points as well as top-ups directly from the user’s bank account, allowing everyone to access the benefits of going cashless without owning a credit or debit card.

Razer Pay’s in-app payment functionality now covers even more digital entertainment and gaming services, including Spotify, Steam, PlayStation Network, MyCard, @Cash, Razer PIN, pre-paid telco top-ups, and more.

The new Razer Pay also features promotional coupons that users can collect and store in their own “Pockets”, to be used at participating merchants.

Exclusive 7-Eleven launch promotion

To celebrate the launch of the new Razer Pay in Malaysia, Razer has partnered 7-Eleven to offer an exclusive launch promotion.

Every Razer Pay user in Malaysia can get one RM5 coupon from within the app (subject to availability) from February 25 to March 3 to use for any purchase in 7-Eleven, with no minimum purchase required.

From March 4 onwards, a limited quantity of RM5 and RM3 7-Eleven coupons will be released daily at 9.00 am and 1.00 pm respectively. Users can get one of each coupon and use them until March 15th.

“We’re excited to be the launch partner to celebrate the new Razer Pay and once again offer a highly attractive promotion for all users,” said Colin Harvey, CEO, 7-Eleven Malaysia. “This partnership offers even more convenience to 7-Eleven customers to get their favorite daily essentials.”

Download Razer Pay Here:

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