"Shame on You" Telekom Malaysia

Here’s why I blame you, Telekom Malaysia.

On January 17, I contacted the TMPoint call centre to enquire about terminating an account. My parents have been living in Kuantan for well over 50 years and have been TM customers for about that long as well. After my dad had a bad fall in Kuantan and subsequent surgery in Petaling Jaya in October last year, my parents realised that they would have to make their move to Petaling Jaya permanent. And they set about putting their affairs in order.

When I enquired about terminating their TM land line, the call centre informed me that I had to:

  • Give 30 days’ notice – which we did.
  • Pay any outstanding payments due sometime between day 16 and day 30 – which we did.
  • With five days of those 30 days expiring, I had to take my dad, along with the original phone set (yes, from over 50 years ago!), along with his original identity card, to a TMPoint outlet, for him to inform them of the termination in person. This had to be done within five days – no delays permitted, otherwise, I was warned, the whole two processes would have to be repeated. And I would have to pay an additional RM66 for the missing phone set.
  • I explained that he was 88 years old, in a wheelchair and not mobile, and asked if I could bring a letter authorising me to act on his behalf, along with his original IC. I was told this was not allowed.
  • I was instead asked to get a doctor’s letter to prove his situation. I explained that he wasn’t ill, merely immobile, and if I had to take him to a doctor to get a letter certifying the same, then I might as well take him to TMPoint. But I was told, no, that’s the way it would have to be.
  • After the call, I wrote to your call centre to explain the issue and seek your help. I didn’t even get an acknowledgement, let alone a reply. (I can provide you with screenshots of the chat.)

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