10 Astro Radio brands available on Grab

Malaysians, Grab, and random unfamiliar music choices. This common pain point amongst Grab passengers will be no more – for some, at least. Starting 11th March 2019, Grab passengers in the Klang Valley will have the opportunity to pick and choose their entertainment from a range of ten Astro Radio brands via the Grab app when they book a ride. The initiative aims to provide a new, enhanced user experience for passengers who hop on selected Grab cars.

Upon booking a Grab ride, passengers will be notified through an in-app message indicating they will be travelling in an Astro Radio vehicle and they can opt to listen to HITZ, MIX, LITE, MY, MELODY, GOXUAN, ERA, SINAR, ZAYAN, or RAAGA in the vehicle for free. Passengers can identify the designated Astro Radio Grab cars by way of promotional car wraps and in-car hangers.

Datuk Jake Abdullah, CEO, Astro Radio, said, “This collaboration between Astro Radio and Grab provides a novel platform for us to engage with our audience and enhance their experience with radio as they commute. As we continue to evolve digitally, we also place importance on providing our audience with the ability to choose their preferred entertainment, for a more satisfactory experience. We would like to thank Grab for working with us in enriching the in-car experience for our audience by personalising their journey a little more.”

For more information, visit Astro Radio.

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