LG Commercial Laundry Concept Store in Kota Kinabalu

Global innovator in technology and manufacturing, LG Electronics Malaysia together with its partner, Cleanpro Laundry Holdings Sdn. Bhd. launched its second commercial laundry concept store in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The first concept store was launched in Nibong Tebal, Penang last year. The ceremony was officiated by Mr. Bruce Chang, Vice President, Living Appliance Business-to-business (B2B)/ promotion business division for LG Electronics from Seoul, South Korea.

Showcasing LG’s range of commercial washers and dryers, the commercial laundry concept store is open for interested entrepreneurs and investors who are looking to venture into the laundry business market and set-up their own self-service laundry stores. The concept store is designed to provide customers business ideas and insights into LG’s Commercial Laundry System, a total laundry solution that comes with complete set-up of LG washer and dryer equipment and end-to-end business support from Cleanpro, a 11-years veteran in the laundry business sector.

Speaking at the launch event, Kim Kyutae, Managing Director for LG Electronics in Malaysia said, “many people know LG for its solid presence in the B2C field, such as home appliance and home entertainment, but we also serve enterprise customers with our B2B portfolio and aim to support growth of future markets. With the support of Cleanpro and coupled with the success of our previous store, we are confident that our B2B venture will be off to a good start. With this new commercial laundry store, LG Electronics Malaysia is honoured to play our part and contribute to Sabah’s economy and development.”

The LG Commercial Laundry system provides differentiated values to enterprises and customers that includes product reliability, low maintenance cost and energy and space saving features. The commercial washers provide superior durability and reliability, thanks to the LG Inverter Direct Drive™ that offers customers quiet and low vibration performance. It comes with minimal parts which means customers do not need to worry about repairs. On the other hand, the LG commercial dryers incorporate a durable heavy-duty motor that results in better drying performance and increased drying capacity.

The washers are ENERGY STAR qualified that meets industry standards in energy efficiency, in line with LG’s corporate sustainability strategy to reduce the environmental impact of a product’s development, production, and circulation. The stackable design for the washers and dryers allows more customers and more machines in limited space, suitable for businesses of all sizes. They are available in three main models:  Titan C, Giant C+ and Giant C Pro.

“The LG Electronics Business Solutions Company is one of five companies under LG Electronics, Incorporated. The strength of our B2B focus lies in the market’s potential in creating business opportunities. Customers in need of washers focus on washers only, but B2B customers look at a range of solutions in addition to the products they need. To provide a multitude of solutions, the B2B market involves taking various factors into account, which eventually creates the opportunity to expand the business further. In the last three years, we have had significant achievements, not only in the B2C market, but also in the B2B field. The Business Solutions Company recorded full-year 2018 revenues of USD 2.13 billion with profit of USD 148.8 million,” said Mr. Bruce Chang.

LG Electronics Inc. announced record full-year revenues of USD 54.4 billion in 2018, exceeding sales of 60 trillion won for the second year in a row. The company’s full-year profit of USD 2.40 billion increased nearly 10 percent from 2017, reflecting record profitability from its appliances and home entertainment products.

The commercial laundry concept store is also open to the residents of Kota Kinabalu who are looking for quick and clean laundry services. The coin-operated self-service store is open 24 hours and fitted with CCTV cameras for customers’ safety.  In conjunction with the launch, Cleanpro has a special offer for the Kota Kinabalu community until 25 March this year, where they can enjoy RM1 for every wash and similarly, RM1 for every dry round.

“Since Cleanpro started its partnership with LG Electronics in 2014, we have set-up more than 300 outlets nationwide that uses the LG Commercial Laundry system. Our purchase order of LG commercial washers has grown tremendously as well. It has grown up to 1,000 per cent since we first started. As a result of the huge successes with LG, we expanded our business to Sabah and brought in our offerings to the entrepreneurs and community here,” said Mr. Goh Sen Kiat, Chief Executive Officer at Cleanpro Laundry Holdings Sdn. Bhd.

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