CFM Animatch uses Animation to educate Consumers

CFM Animatch uses Animation to educate Consumers 1

CFM Animatch is the first animation competition organized by the Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) to create creative animation videos to deliver messages of issues faced by consumers in the communications and multimedia also to find creative talents in the field of animation.

The CFM Animatch competition is one of CFM’s initiatives in engaging the public for a better understanding of the role of CFM that facilitates consumers and cultivate self-regulation practice.

“Animation is interesting and fun that is not only suitable for children but also for the adults. For CFM, the format is suitable to deliver the messages that are complex to explain and present in reality such as the issue on disruption of the fibre broadband. Furthermore, the bite-size content is shareable in the social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp that is suitable with the current revolving where info is received online,” said CFM Chairman, Mohammad Yusrizal Dato’ Yusoff.

CFM Animatch participation is open to the public last February and received 126 participations from university students and animation experts. Out of all the participants, 20 participants were chosen to the second stage and 10 finalists were chosen to the final stage.

CFM Chairman added, “CFM received overwhelming participations from animation enthusiasts. Through this competition, participants are able to understand the common issues handled by CFM, and also to be the platform for them to showcase their talent to public and able to attract such as international animation software company namely Toon Boom that came to the storyboard pitching session of CFM Animatch.”

10 finalists were chosen by the panel of judges through a review session and get to be mentored for four consecutive weeks to complete their animation videos before the final selection.

The messages of the videos cover tips for data usage, fair usage policy, mobile number portability, pop-up ads, home fibre broadband, prepaid validity, and network issues.

The professional judges involved in mentoring and evaluating the animation videos are Father of Malaysian Animation, Hassan Abd Muthalib, Mike Ismail – Animation Film Director and Ayie Ibrahim, Director of Creatvtoon Studio Animation.

The winner for CFM Animatch will receive a cash prize of RM8,500 with the trophy while second and third prize winners will receive a cash prize of RM5,000 and RM3,000 respectively. The prize-giving ceremony to all the winners will be presented by the Deputy Secretary-General (Policy) of Communications and Multimedia Ministry (KKMM), Shakib Ahmad Shakir, who graces the CFM Animatch. Seven other finalists will bring back consolidation prize of RM500.

The winning and finalists’ videos will be shared on social media and CFM’s YouTube channel and other TV channels as public service announcement (PSA) for public viewing as to guide the consumers when facing with communications and multimedia services issues.

CFM Animatch uses Animation to educate Consumers 2
CFM Animatch uses Animation to educate Consumers 3
CFM Animatch uses Animation to educate Consumers 4
CFM Animatch uses Animation to educate Consumers 5
CFM Animatch uses Animation to educate Consumers 6

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