CyberSecurity Malaysia Collaboration Program

Today, cyber security is a major concern for most industries. Its vulnerabilities are rising at an alarming rate and hence, IT professionals are currently in high demand to analyse and overcome these threats. CyberSecurity Malaysia, a national cyber security specialist and technical center under the purview of the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia, identifies collaboration as one way to strengthen cyber security ecosystem in Malaysia.

The ICT industry is evolving dynamically and brings various benefits in terms of network expansion, the emergence of new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligent (AI), Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, Big Data as well as information sharing to all parties whether organizations or individuals. Hence, cyber security has become increasingly important in creating a competitive national development environment, business growth in the digital economy era and provision of services. This is proven when the global cyber security market is expected to increase from USD 150 billion in 2018 to USD 250 billion by 2023.

CyberSecurity Malaysia Collaboration Program or (CCP) is a public-private partnership initiative. It targets Malaysian registered companies, that provide cyber security products and services, under Companies Commission of Malaysia. This strategic collaboration between local cyber security players and government entities aim to develop sustainable relationships between government, industry and academia as well as addressing skills gaps in workforce and boost cyber security industry contribution to national economic growth.

This CyberSecurity Malaysia Collaboration Program is in line with the Malaysia Cyber Security Resilience Program (MyCSRP), where cyber security programs will be implemented in a comprehensive and integrated aimed at raising the level of readiness and resilience of national cyber security. It will be initiated and planned starting this year and will be fully planned on the 12th Malaysia Plan (RMK12). MyCSRP will be led by KKMM through its agency, CyberSecurity Malaysia and it supports one of the core tasks of the ministry; strengthening cyber security of the nation.

“Being the national cyber security reference and technical centre, CyberSecurity Malaysia acts as a technical enabler for Malaysian government, academia and industry to tackle cyber security challenges. We initiated CCP after receiving feedbacks from the industry on the need of a concerted effort between the government and industry to expand network among local cyber security players through collaborative projects and to develop skilled workforce.” said Dato’ Ts Dr Haji Amirudin Abdul Wahab, Chief Executive Officer, CyberSecurity Malaysia.

CCP Partners will gain access to some of key benefits such as community networking, capacity development program, capability development support and business opportunities as well as facilitation.

CCP was launched by Tan Chuan Ou, Secretary-General (Operations) of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia during CyberSecurity Malaysia’s appreciation ceremony.

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