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Lenovo Malaysia launches EduStore, offering premium products at attractive price

Lenovo, the world’s leading PC manufacturer has officially launched EduStore, an e-commerce platform specially created for university students, teachers and staff members based in Malaysia to purchase premium Lenovo products and accessories at affordable prices.

This platform is part of Lenovo’s continuous commitment towards customer centricity, which aims to enable students and educators to have a seamless, creative learning and teaching experience with the help of great device. Lenovo has specially selected products to be offered on EduStore to meet the different needs of modern-day students and educators who need devices that are mobile, allows them to code or design or edit their video assignments.

Since the customers’ needs are the always the utmost priority of Lenovo, customization of Lenovo products can be done seamlessly according to each and everyone’s preference. Whether it’s for heavy usage of video editing work or for simple assignment tasks, users are able to freely choose to own specifications that are suitable for their workloads as well as their budgeting plan. Lenovo is also offering delivery as short as five business days when standard specifications are purchased, accommodating the customers’ fast paced lifestyle.

For students and educators who would like to sign up to be members of Lenovo EduStore, please visit and sign up with the following steps:

  1. Click on
  2. Create an account with your student or work email
  3. Once you have created an account, login using your student or work email address
  4. Enjoy browsing and shopping for specially discounted Lenovo premium products!

Should you have any enquiries, please contact Lenovo Malaysia’s toll-free number, 1800-88-5266.

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