[Video] Tesla Model 3 Autopilot Full Self-Driving Demonstration

Tesla Autopilot Full Self-Driving With Model 3 Demonstration. The video features a loop with some autonomous driving on the highway and other roads as well as a few intersections – things that Tesla’s version of Autopilot currently available to owners can’t handle.

The actual driving capabilities are similar to the self-driving demo Tesla released back in 2016, but it is packaged more like Tesla’s current Autopilot features.

Tesla offers two different advanced driver assistance packages to customers: Autopilot and Full Self-Driving. Autopilot is ADAS that offers a combination of adaptive cruise control and lane steering and is now a standard feature on new cars.

The price of vehicles has been adjusted higher to reflect the addition of Autopilot as a standard feature. Full Self-Driving, or FSD, costs an additional $5,000. (And, to be clear, vehicles are not full self-driving driving.) FSD includes Summon as well as Navigate on Autopilot, an active guidance system that navigates a car from a highway on-ramp to off-ramp, including interchanges and making lane changes. Once drivers enter a destination into the navigation system, they can enable “Navigate on Autopilot” for that trip.

Tesla continues to improve Navigate on Autopilot and the broader FSD system through over-the-air software updates. The company says on its website that FSD will soon be able to recognize and respond to traffic lights and stop signs and automatically drive on city streets.

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