$500 – All Screen + CLEAN Android

Mini review of the Asus ZenFone 6 with no notch, no punch hole, clean android a 5000 mAh battery
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50 Comments on “$500 – All Screen + CLEAN Android”

  1. I highly prefer LCD over AMOLED for their lifespan. AMOLED just sucks with how easy it is to burn in and I'm not sticking with something that gives me an extra worry. IMO, they get my up vote for using LCD.

  2. While this a good product, Asus has always failed to deliver swift software updates to their lineups. My colleague who is using a zenfone max pro M2 just received a Pie update a few days ago when other OEMs like Xiaomi and OnePlus had already done it a long time ago for their devices. Asus and Samsung are the worst with updates and never buy them!!!!

  3. This phone is great for a Asus phone but there are better options like pixel 3a or the new Redmi phone coming out I also even heard their making a Poco f2 phone. $500 bucks is pushing it for this phone you can pay $100 bucks more and get a galaxy s9 plus which was high end phone last year

  4. Saying that the zenfone 5 was crap must be because of not knowing better I have had lots of android phone's usually change 2 a year sometimes a bit longer.. But the point is that zenfone 5 is one of the absolute best ones I ever had software and hardware and cameras. Except front facing but I don't take many selfishs so I don't really bother. My brother bought my zenfone and loves it and I missed it for a good few months after this🤔

  5. I must say and is not just for Asus… Beautiful phones with good spec's and battery but the size…All are bigger and is difficult to handle..I want a phone as this with this nice screen ratio but smaller.Lets say somewhere to 5.5 or 5.7 max and that I think is the perfect phone to use easily

  6. all these new phones are coming from china and a lot of these chinese companies are shy about collecting your personal data. Just remember, OnePlus got caught twice collecting customer data without their permission.

  7. How clean is that clean Android? This phone is not part of the Android One programme. According to my google skills the phone runs ZenUI 6….

  8. Its the perfect setup. No notch. Uses the BETTER camera system at the back of the phone for a selfie so no more excuse for a mirror selfie

  9. 500$ in your dreams actually this phone here where I live ( Belgium ) costs 558 Euros about 630 US Dollars it has exactly the same price as oneplus7 base model and oneplus 7 pro base model costs 709 euro about 802 US dollars

  10. My ZenFone 4 and 2 died on its own. ZenFone 4s battery puffed up from one day to the next, then probably exploded somewhere in the garbage disposal.
    ZenFone 2 just decided not to turn on one day. None of them were much older than 1 year, just enough for the warranty to expire.
    My ZenFone 3 is a slow piece of garbage, with a terribly quiet speaker I can barely hear the other person during calls.

    I skipped ZenFone 5
    And I'm gonna skip 6, or all the other ones thanks.
    Asus phones just aren't quality.
    My Zenphone 3 has a 4000mah battery, but it feels more like a 2000 one.
    My ZenFone 4 had a 5000 mah battery, and look where it got it, explosiontown.
    There are better budget brands out there…


  11. id perfer the oneplus 7 pro over the zenfone 6 personally because i perfer bigger phones for my hands but otherwise, id recommend this phone if you really need a headphone jack and no notch

  12. Can I point out the screen bezels/Non-rounded edges? This is actually a plus for me cause, any other mobile gamers can chime in, There are just so many accidental miss inputs. You can't hold the phone in a way that doesn't have your electric carrying flesh touching multiple parts of the screen. Hell, I have the One Plus 6T and any time my mom needs to do something quick and she doesn't have her phone on her, she accidentally does multiple inputs at once. I need space for my flesh to rest man.

  13. I'm strongly considering this phone because I like the price point for the hardware specs. I like the camera quality overall; I never take selfies really so I wouldn't care the camera folds out… I kind of like not having it on the front. Expandable memory is huge plus.

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