Apple buys self-driving startup Report



Apple has reportedly bought autonomous driving startup,, in a bid to strengthen its autonomous vehicles push. 

According to Axios, Apple has reportedly hired dozens of’s engineers and taken ownership of the startup’s autonomous cars and other assets as part of the acquisition. 

The amount of the deal has not been disclosed. shut down its operations a fortnight ago, according to a state regulatory filing.

See also: Apple sets a high bar for operators of its self-driving car (CNET) was founded in 2015, and gained recognition in the tech community for making retrofit kits that could transform a traditional vehicle into an autonomous one. The kits use camera-based and LIDAR sensors, as well as a self-driving software stack grounded in deep learning.

In July last year, partnered up with the City of Frisco, Texas to launch its first autonomous pilot program. The startup then launched its second pilot program in Arlington,…

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