Budget Laptops just got a LOT faster

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  1. Budget laptops have gotten really dank lately.

    On mid range, you can get thin and light notebooks like Acer Swift 3 or something for work and they have 4 core, 8 threads, etc.
    If you need something for higher performance stuff then you can buy the laptops with either Intel H series or AMD H series which run on 35W and are comparable to 5th gen desktop i7 in perforamance.

    Budget laptops be crazy. I bought a cheap Acer Swift 3 2500U version for $500, slapped a monitor to it and it's perfect for my Linux workstation. Couldn't have imagined working on a laptop earlier considering my budget but those 8 threads are awesome at that price.

  2. Actual budget laptops don't have a 1650, actual budget laptops in most games can't even manage decent framerates at 1990s screen resolutions. And the portability tax is still too high for laptops that do have a 1650, desktop equivalents can be had for a lot less.

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