Budget Laptops just got a LOT faster

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  1. Budget laptops have gotten really dank lately.

    On mid range, you can get thin and light notebooks like Acer Swift 3 or something for work and they have 4 core, 8 threads, etc.
    If you need something for higher performance stuff then you can buy the laptops with either Intel H series or AMD H series which run on 35W and are comparable to 5th gen desktop i7 in perforamance.

    Budget laptops be crazy. I bought a cheap Acer Swift 3 2500U version for $500, slapped a monitor to it and it's perfect for my Linux workstation. Couldn't have imagined working on a laptop earlier considering my budget but those 8 threads are awesome at that price.

  2. Oh, a new video. *looks at thumbnail* *looks at the same laptop on my desk* I CHOSE CORRECTLY! XD

  3. $1500 isn’t affordable to most

  4. compare it with helios 300 (2019)

  5. Actual budget laptops don't have a 1650, actual budget laptops in most games can't even manage decent framerates at 1990s screen resolutions. And the portability tax is still too high for laptops that do have a 1650, desktop equivalents can be had for a lot less.

  6. You don´t game on a laptop 🙂

  7. I need to sleep.
    Linus: U should watch my budget laptop video first.

  8. 100,000 dollars you wont respond linus. by the way keep up the good work love the channel

  9. It might look toyish…. But i like people to know that what i have is a gaming laptop

  10. i would buy it if it didnt look like a tryhard gamerlaptop

  11. Hey, i heard somewhere you read a lot of your comments on the toilet Linus. What up dood. That's all

  12. 4:22 🦀🦀🦀 high end laptops are gone 🦀🦀🦀

  13. Are there any good laptops I can get for $300?

  14. linus look my friend, i realy like your video but this is not cheap… my pc is $45… 4ddr2 ram, e5200, gt440

  15. Stay I’m one of the first person to watch this video!

  16. Thank Linus for thorough review.

  17. In my opinion, all Laptops should be able to reach the full boost clock speed with at most 80 degrees Celsius thermals

  18. Intel inside… I'll pass on this one.

  19. 3 take it if leave! Jk 3 years ago I bought a pc instead of a laptop and upgraded it over the years


  21. Raspberry Pi 4

  22. My budget for a laptop is around $400. Whats the best out there for this budget?

  23. 124th comment lmao

  24. I came here because the title said 'budget'

  25. moans about build quality, suggests alienwere*

  26. Linus… I want a laptop for editing… And 800bucks is kinda my budget.. so is this the best I can buy?.. and which one the nitro 7 or 5?

  27. is this man gay now?

  28. Wtf €950 is a budget laptop now? Holy shit

  29. Got my Nitro 5 half-price and as a high schooler, I think that looks pretty dope

  30. Why you change title of video..uuhhh!?
    How long have you been doing this?
    What are to trying to hide!!?? Uuuuhhhh!!!!???!!!

  31. The worst power connector placement I have ever seen.

  32. I know they all have SSDs, but I really don't get why you would want a mechanical drive in a laptop in 2019

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