Cheaper Samsung Galaxy Phones!

My review of the Samsung Galaxy A20, A50 and A70 phones. The BEST budget phones from Samsung in a really long time.
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  1. Just noticed these phones are on mega sale right now on amazon with 4.5 star rating – they're going for $100 bucks off.
    I don't think you're gonna find a better value than the A50 in a new phone
    A20 –

    A50 –

    A70 –

  2. Watching on the A50 i bought a month ago. (Europe).

  3. Why A30 not included?

  4. A70 is piced at around $420 in india

  5. I've had my eye on the A50 for a few weeks now. It released in Canada a week or two ago and I'm hoping to see a US release soon!

  6. Stereo speakers on a phone is important ?

  7. Watching this on my a70😎

  8. I'll happily watch ads for Dave2D

  9. Great to see Dave covering the budget phone market more and more!

  10. Samsung is still nowhere compare with chinese mid tier phone. Ex. Xiaomi pocophone and redmi k20 pro with high end Snapdragon 845 and 855 SoC which is same with samsung high end S10.. So samsung sucks because of their pricing. My last Samsung phone that i bought is s6 edge.

  11. Watching this from Galaxy A50!

  12. Dang that lack of water resistance has become a real dealer breaker for me. Such a shame.

  13. Chinese phones… there are TONS of ads across the entire OS. Hopefully Samsung puts fewer than what the Chinese do on a budget phone.

  14. I've gotten my a70 about a month ago for 420€ and I love it! The battery life is amazing and it charges so fast with the 25w charger, I just got to say the phone is amazing for the money

  15. Any thoughts on the A80? Camera setup really seems like the way forward to me…

  16. Mi 9 se has amoled at this price…just saying

  17. I picked up the A50 about a week ago and I'm really satisfied with it. The fingerprint sensor sometimes needs a little too long for my taste but it's fine and nice to have.
    The thing that bugs me the most is the third party camera performance. Snapchat, whatsapp and any other non native app runs in full screen and therefore does not use 16:9 or 3:4 aspect ratio for the picture. Because of that the image is zoomed in (so the whole screen is filled, I believe its stretched to 18:9) and, especially for the front camera, it becomes really hard to get a decent shot (without having to reach out super far with your arm). I believe this has been fixed for the s10 and especially for the s10+, so I hope Samsung is going to update this, but for somebody that uses snapchat or the like alot this might me irritating.

  18. Had mi flagships the past 5 years. Upgraded every other year. They are cheap, fast and have way better unlocking/custom rom support.

  19. Why you don't mention the A40??

  20. If you pick up the white versions of these phones the scratsches are not too apparent if you make any. Or get a case. (from an A70 user)

  21. GD vid as always. Do anyone know the app being used at 5:17 to 5:22?

  22. Samsung M30 is spot on for $250

  23. That's quite weird…
    Idk, maybe it's because Canada tax are quite high, or maybe there is more features being given in A20 & A50 there, like NFC…
    But the price for A20 & A50 in my country right now are around 150 usd for A20, while for A50 around 240-250 usd…

  24. Honor phones are still way better buy than samsung

  25. Planned obsolescence with these Samsung devices…

  26. Watching this from A40.

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