When technology fuels determination – Digi Raya Video


The month of Syawal is a time of reflection, gratitude and coming together, and Digi Telecommunication Sdn Bhd (Digi)’s Raya video commemorates the season by connecting digital technology and humanity for good.

A collaboration between Digi, Motiofixo and Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), the video entitled ‘Hero Realiti’ captures how will power, coupled with VR technology and powered by a great Internet connection enabled an uplifting story of a man’s journey to recovery.

UiTM rehabilitation specialist Associate Professor Dr Fazah Hanapiah along with the help of her brother, Fariz Hanapiah, who works with Virtual Reality (VR) technology in Motiofixio, incorporated VR technology to gamify physiotherapy and create a programme that encourages patients to move and do physiotherapy from the convenience of their home.

This Medical Rehabilitation VR (MRVR) was introduced to Md Zin, who suffered a stroke 6 months ago. MRVR was brought to his home in Sungkai powered by Digi’s internet connectivity required for the solution to work. Md Zin expressed his gratitude at being given the chance to try out this new technology which aided in his recovery alongside the encouragement and help of his friends and family.

“It was difficult, but I told myself that I have to be strong if I want to be able to solat again for Raya. I never thought it would be possible, but it has been amazing to experience first-hand the wonders of technology and the internet in helping with my recovery. Now, everything that I long for has come true,” he says.

In line with Digi’s aim to become Malaysia’s leading digital lifestyle service provider, the project was able to display the role technology can play in connecting people to what matters most. By providing Md Zin with the means to accelerate his recovery, Digi hopes to inspire others to value the benefits technology and the internet can bring when used wisely.

Bernard Lee, Digi’s Head of Marketing Services says: “It is indeed inspiring to see how perseverance and technology can come together for good. At the end of the day technology soars highest when it’s powered by the human spirit – in this case, it was a combination of the spirit of innovation from the team at MoxioFixo and UITM and Md Zin’s perseverance. From all of us at Digi, we would like to wish all Malaysians Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. May we continue to be thankful for what we are blessed with and cherish our families and loved ones now and always,” he says.

This MRVR (Medical Rehabilitation VR) programme is currently in research prototype stage and will soon be accessible to all in need with the help of the internet.

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