Edge is… actually GOOD now!?

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Edge is... actually GOOD now!? 1
Edge is... actually GOOD now!? 2
Edge is... actually GOOD now!? 3
Edge is... actually GOOD now!? 4
Edge is... actually GOOD now!? 5

30 Comments on “Edge is… actually GOOD now!?”

  1. After using Edgium for a 2 months and then switching back to og edge, even tho the new one has chromium and extensions… I still kind of prefer the old one. I hope they preserve the old one for people that wants to use it (tho I really doubt it)

  2. Been using edge as my daily driver since the launch of windows 10 . No regrets moving from chrome. Tho I still keep chrome for one or two websites

  3. I use an alternative firefox to waterfox. Better security, special when I use an ssh tunnel, on my window. Plus waterfox removed of some telemetry settings. Downside it is only x64 browser.

  4. Thanks but I'll be sticking to Firefox. While Edge is definitely an improvement over Internet Exploder, it's still far less secure than Firefox or Chrome in my experience, and Chrome just can't compete with Firefox with the amount of customizations and addons that are available for Firefox. Not to mention, Firefox is much easier to use in my opinion.

  5. How much ram does it use up? Cause edge uses like half the amount of ram on my pc than chrome. I only have 4gb on my laptop and chrome is unusable after 3 or 4 tabs open.

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