French Group Launches Class Action Against Google Over Data Privacy

A French consumer rights group said Wednesday that it has launched a class action lawsuit against US tech giant Google for violating the EU’s strict data privacy laws.

The UFC-Que Choisir group said in a statement that the goal of its class action is to “end the insidious exploitation of users’ personal data, particularly those using Android devices with a Google account, and compensate them for up to EUR 1,000 ($1,135)”.

“This compensation claim is a first in France as well as Europe,” UFC-Que Choisir president Alain Bazot told AFP. 

“If the judge rules in favour, there are potentially 28 million Android users in France that could be entitled to compensation,” he added. 

So far 200 people have joined the class action, said Bazot.

Google said it had not yet received details concerning the case and declined to comment for time being. 

The class action comes after the internet behemoth suffered two recent blows in France.

In January, France’s CNIL data watchdog slapped Google with a record EUR 50 million fine for failing to meet the EU’s tough General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in May last year. 

Then in February, the Paris district level court ordered…

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