Galaxy Fold – A Mistake Only Samsung Could Make

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is being recalled. I think they rushed this phone because of consumer and market pressure. Hope they fix it.

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  1. Consumer pressure sucks but I really think Samsung rushed this launch. Do you think they should have waited?

  2. Could the release of this phone first be to show they’re the leaders in phone tech rather than for the sales of the folding phone?

  3. lol samsung sucker channel

  4. Galaxi fools 🙂

  5. Samsung = Inferior Apple

  6. I can't feel sorry for a company that is making squillions, has flooded the market with too many models, then rushed a phone to market, while charging a price for which the average consumer could buy four, maybe five laptops. They deserved what happened to them – too greedy

  7. I think Samsung did a huge favor to the rest of the industry — and ultimately the consumer base — by going forward with it. As you say, it shows us what a folding phone _is_, and it shows us more importantly: what hurdles need to be achieved in the future. I think, despite the phone "failing," it did exactly what it needed to do.

  8. The foldable motorola razr that ive been hearing about is the only foldable phone that actually seems like it has some utilitarian value. Its basically a normal phone that can fold into an even smaller device. The galaxy fold isnt how you do it.

  9. All these issues were obvious and predictable. The screen is just a flexible piece of plastic. Of course it's going to warp, crease, scratch or distort. Samsung didn't help themselves with other issues on top but any other flexible phone will suffer these common issues. Huawei's screen is on the outside so chances are they'll suffer even worse.

  10. People like Apple because they release products when they’re READY not just because they can. Who cares if they get made fun of for integrating tech years after idiots like Scamsung messes it up?? It’s better to work properly than to just be the first one…

  11. Samsung has a long history of releasing crap they can't fix, because buyers have tolerated it, so far.

  12. I'm happy with my old Samsung S

  13. Is it just me thinking that these foldable phones make zero sense? Everyone is saying that tablets are losing popularity over the years, os they decided to make a foldable phone that is neither a good tablet, nor a good phone (since it is so thick when folded). Also, the prices are so ridiculous that for the same price range you can actually buy a nice phone AND tablet.

  14. Probably the best analysis of the Fold. No outrage, mockery or disdain. Just a clear and simple explanation.

    Most appreciated.

  15. Of course Huawei steals the IP from samsung. Count on the chinese companies to relentlessly steal technology from EVERYONE.

  16. Unlike sport, in business, it's better to be the best not the first.

  17. Galaxy Fold is the 737 MAX of the mobile world but at least it won't kill you.

  18. They always make mistakes when they rush things. They always rush things because they want to be first. You can't always simultaneously do things well and first. This is why Apple takes their time most of the time.

  19. Why does corporate greed always ruin quality… don't they ever learn… sigh

  20. LOL. How is this folding supposed to make my phone call better? It's a scam gone bad.

  21. Whoa! Learn to control your hands.

  22. nothing wrong to be number 2. as long as ultimately ur product is better than the competitor.

  23. Its typical of Samsung. A fragile flagship. My S9 lasted 3 weeks!

  24. Whats wrong with folded phones being called of ?????
    Does anyone here support innovatio , that samsung actually does ??

  25. Apple about to take advantage on this window

  26. Even if this thing works, who wants a phone that folds out to a tablet? I want something that would actually fit in my pocket when folded, like that new Motorola Razr.

  27. Such Bad engineering and bad testing

  28. Sorry Bro! This is 2019 and there really is no excuse for the premiere mobile tech company in the world to debut untested tech! Stop making excuses for them and hold them accountable for this $2,000 dud…unless they have you in their back-pockets too!

  29. Chinese theft, surprise surprise…

  30. You feel bad for Samsung? Really?

  31. Okay, who’s gonna buy this crap anyway? Flip phones era are over by a long shot

  32. Very silly to humanise and pitty a company like this lol

  33. Prolly should've studied the stolen Nokia information better. In case you're wondering, no, i'm not talking about the Nokia battery and charger design they blatantly stole, i'm talking about the flexible screen technology which Nokia not only developed, but also had a working phone ages ago to present to the masses. IF Nokia, deemed it a failure because of screen technology back then, i'm pretty sure the thieves over at Samsung aren't going to manage any better.
    The phone demonstrator is online for all to see, you can Google it. If you don't know about the Samsung controversy regarding the battery…no comment. And Nokia's patents were stolen at some point, fact made evident by the presence of many tech elements in Samsung phones at their early stages. At the very least, Nokia expended a lot of time and money in making proper batteries that didn't explode with your face. You know, welded modules with screwed (jeweler's sized screws) on glass reinforced plastic protection caps (how you really know if you have a fake or real Nokia battery).

  34. Someday, I'll be able to use it someday, right?

  35. They better continue making refrigerator, washing Machine and blenders.

  36. note 7 bomb

  37. I don’t feel sorry for a billion dollar company, that acts like a child and has to have it now. Just do it right. First is not important. It’s the same in YouTube comments.

  38. I remember a few years ago, before smartwatches came to the consumer, Google or otherwise, everyone was talking about something called iWatch. Was it a TV, was it a Watch, no one new. The rumours were so many that Google rushed to make an OS for a Watch, Samsung made one too. I even think they were the first ones to launch even before Google has their OS ready. All to beat Apple.

    Guess what. Apple waited until they thought they had the right thing.

    This is the point. Innovation that does not care for the user, its not really innovation. Its a gimmick.

    But is seams that again we are in the gimmick era. Kind of back do 2000-2007.

  39. Huawei, bullies and thugs.
    They should be in prison.

  40. This compared to Marquess' video has so much more brain. TBH i was kind of offensed when reviewers literally just read articles (that requires no hard work for research) out loud and have a video

  41. Classic example of profit before people

  42. nah foldable phones in my opinion don't solve a problem. i rather have a phone that I can dock everywhere (tablet, monitor etc) than a wannabe 2 in 1 phone tablet thing

  43. I mean, is like shinting on the dance floor of a party when people are about to go to dance, is a shitty move, people would forget that, because is the popular guy Sammy, but kind of like ruin the party for other people (other companies making foldable devices), we know Sammy products would sell anyway, but this mistake would make things difficult for other companies because people don't trust that much the foldable idea anymore (and.. there weren't that many people that were happy with the idea in the first place).

    At least this would save some of the first consumer of the foldable market, early adopters would suffer anyway…

  44. You put too much pressure on tech companies

  45. China …
    No imagination.

  46. samsung never made the first folding phone, that was nokia

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