Galaxy Fold with Unbox Therapy

My first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It’s the coolest phone I’ve seen this year.

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40 Comments on “Galaxy Fold with Unbox Therapy”

  1. There are just so many compromises on this device. Terrible front screen. Crease, huge weird notch inside that kind of destroys the media experience, just throwing a dozen cameras on it, thickness, weight, etc.

    This is clearly alpha hardware

  2. Gimmicky phone, how long until the screen gives out from folding and unfolding? or the bezel gives out too? IT IS cumbersome and BIG which makes it fragile. if anything they should create a system that is more portable.

  3. people now a days are SO fucking spoiled they gotta get everything perfect , Waahhh wahhhh its got a small crease wahhhh wahh i need everything perfect like mommy and daddy always give me wahhh wahhh , bunch of spoiled baby's now a days.

  4. It is a garbage phone just CUZ they didn’t send it to you doesn’t mean every phone in the market is the wrong product but all of “YouTubers” are sellers and polish the phone off for who’s paying more. Don’t Believe me ok Samsung galaxy not 8
    This fold thing
    The not having updated for Android
    All Android phones have the same everything but with differences of price ranges (never mentioned)
    “IPhone is not a great product”
    When it the only other option for Android haters and all that CUZ ur just laying all of u

  5. When folded it needs to be like a 6-inch+ phone; if it's gonna have a crease, it should abandon its high-price; max 600 dollars should be its price(even without a crease, less with a crease); paying research and engineering to research and perfect it for years only to embarrass them at the last moment is unacceptable; maybe the crease is unavoidable; not knowing it in advance though ;there's no excuse about it; then again no flagship should cost more than 600 dollars; but what do i know
    Sammy , Apple and Huawei need to get off their high horse, at last. Selling a device that hardly costs more than 300 dollars at the obscene price of 2000 dollars(defective at that) is not gonna appease consumers. What's wrong withmaking an honest profit , like 200 or 300 dollars above cost ? But no, they want to make 1700 dollars profit. Not gonna happen. If most people sold their work or services at this high a margin they would either have themselves lynched , would go to jail or sth like that. These companies think they can sell any foolish concept and consumers will applaud.

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