GameClub wants to preserve forgotten iPhone games for a new generation

Ever wonder what happened to the iPhone games that you can no longer find, that one day just disappeared from the App Store with no explanation? While mobile gaming in recent years has blown up, and the more popular games have spawned bonafide franchises — Candy CrushAngry BirdsMonument Valley — the early years of App Store game development were a bit more Wild West than Hollywood, and, like the former, traces of its existence have vanished into the ether.

A developer called GameClub is trying to bring back some of those early, forgotten gems by acquiring the rights to the games, then resurrecting them for the current iPhone market — preserving some of the most ephemeral parts of gaming history for future generations of iOS wielders.

TNW spoke to Eli Hodapp, GameClub’s VP of Business Development and an alum of mobile gaming site Touch Arcade. He said his experience with the latter made him acutely aware of how transitory the App Store offerings were: “It really bothered me to see how many of the classic games that we awarded Game of the Year awards to at Touch Arcade just no longer exist or are no longer…

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