How to Export Google Chrome Tabs to TXT or HTML

Tab support is one of the best things about modern browsers, and these days the typical Internet user keeps more than a handful of tabs running at the same time regardless of app, platform, and device.

But despite the fact that browsers themselves evolved substantially in the last few years, some features are still missing. And this is where third-party extensions come into play.

Having a large extension ecosystem is something that can help deal with the lack of certain capabilities, as third-party developers can create their own add-ons that others might find useful as well.

This is the case of a feature that we’re going to discuss about today. Exporting your active tabs to a TXT or HTML file is something that many people want to do, but which is impossible right now in Google Chrome without turning to an extension.

First of all, why and who needs such a thing?

Exporting the active tabs could help save a browsing session, but at the same time, it also lets users share more than just a link with someone else quite easily.

Also, by saving browsing sessions in a TXT or HTML file and not in a dedicated extension, users can increase productivity, especially in those…

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