HP Spectre x360 15 AMOLED review: beautiful screen, miserable trackpad

OLED has been the de facto display technology in high-end smartphones and TVs for a few years now for good reason: it combines rich colors with a wide range of contrast and inky-deep blacks that just can’t be matched by other screen types. But while you may have an OLED screen in your pocket or hanging on your wall, you likely don’t have one in that other device you spend hours looking at every day: your laptop.

There have been a few laptops released over the years with OLED screens in them, but none ever became particularly popular or sold very well. Early OLED laptops struggled with high battery consumption and high prices, which made them hard to accept compared to the more price- and power-efficient LCD screen options.

That’s looking to change, though, as this year, there are a number of new laptops on the market with OLED screen options and without exorbitant markups. Lenovo, Razer, and HP all have announced or released OLED laptops in the first half of this year with similar display specs across the board. They all have 15-inch touchscreen panels with 4K resolution and 60Hz refresh rates. (Yes, they are all using basically the same Samsung panel, which is what…


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