Huawei Says It’s Not Giving Up on Security Updates, Android Q Coming Too

Huawei is without a doubt the phone maker that makes the headlines most often these days, and unfortunately for the Chinese tech giant, this time this isn’t something to be pleased with.

The company is struggling to deal with the US ban announced in mid-May, and after being blocked from working with American partners and using their products, it’s now looking into alternatives to build phones with support from suppliers elsewhere.

Meanwhile, another problem that Huawei has to deal with is related to software, as being placed on the US blacklist means it can no longer use Android for new smartphones. But on the other hand, devices that are already on the market will continue to be serviced, and Huawei once again reminded this to users in a statement published on Twitter.

Android Q is on its way

Huawei says security updates won’t be abandoned, and Android Q will be shipped to several devices, including its flagship models. Access to apps won’t be restricted, so users can continue downloading and installing apps and games from the Google Play Store just like before.

“At Huawei, we always put our consumers first, regardless of the challenges we face. All Huawei…

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