Huawei’s New Operating System Is Insanely Fast Versus Android

Huawei is working around the clock to get its Android and Windows replacement ready for launch, and according to a new report, all its efforts are supported by the largest tech firms in China.

Global Times reports that companies like Tencent, OPPO, and VIVO sent employees to Huawei to test the new internally-called HongMeng operating system.

According to recent reports, the platform is referred to as HongMeng, but it could launch as Ark OS. It’s supposed to serve as a universal operating system replacing both Android and Windows, albeit running Android apps has become a priority for the company.

The aforementioned source claims the tests revealed substantial speed increases as compared to the existing version of Android. HongMeng is at least 60 percent faster than Android, the report notes.

Huawei hasn’t provided any specifics as to when the operating system could launch publicly, with Shao Yang, the chief strategy officer of Huawei’s business consumer group, describing the release date as “a secret.”

Public launch in the fall

Information that made the rounds last month indicated that HongMeng could be finalized for Chinese devices as soon as this fall,…

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