I waited 2.5 years for this folding monitor… – SPUD

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26 Comments on “I waited 2.5 years for this folding monitor… – SPUD”

  1. 6:47 at coffee shop I sure you don't want be that guy?
    What the Hentai or the with same folding monitor watching gay porn?
    Which one is it? don't mind my hentai wait even better idea High school dxd.

  2. So. It's a projector stuck inside a photography folding softbox.which is a kinda, neat idea but not that special. … If they sell just the projector but with Bowens mount and perhaps if that helps a finer fabric than the softbox got, and make it adjust to size, I'm in. Though maybe sticking a projector in a Bowens adapter for speedlights also works… Oh wait. Works only for some boxes. But with the godox folding line, Diffusor taken out, sure. 80cm.

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