iOS 13: release date, beta and feature list

The iOS 13 public beta release date and time could be announced in a few days, as Apple laid out a July window in which the wider beta testing would begin.

That gives us time to pour over the iOS 13 features found in the developer beta right now – the ones Apple announced on stage at its WWDC 2019 keynote on June 3.

You can get iOS 13 beta right now, but it isn’t meant for everyone – yet. Paying Apple developers are the intended audience; Apple strongly advises normal users wait.

It includes Dark Mode, the long-awaited UI tweak to invert those bright white-screen backgrounds is here, and so is the new QuickPath swipe keyboard and iPadOS.

In the meantime, we’ll explain (and show) what it’s all about, including Dark Mode, a long-awaited UI tweak allowing you invert those bright white-screen backgrounds. 

There are so many iOS 13 features announced, and we’ll explain them all. But we’ll start with the iOS 13 release date schedule and all-important compatibility list first.

iOS 13 release date schedule

  • June 3: iOS 13 beta 1 and first look at WWDC 2019
  • June 17: iOS 13 beta 2 launched for developers
  • Soon: iOS 13 public beta release date for adventurous testers
  • Early September 2019: iOS 13…

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