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Is AI fundamental to the future of cybersecurity?

Every time you connect to the internet from a computer, tablet or smartphone, there is a growing risk of cyberattack. If the threat is aimed at your workplace, then the entire organization around you could be vulnerable as well and, too often, the result is a major data breach.

A well-run company, regardless of its size or global reach, must eventually acknowledge that cybersecurity requires a significant investment. But what tools and processes return the most bang for your buck?

A growing number of experts believe that new technology based on machine learning and artificial intelligence are where the smart money lies when it comes to computer, network and data security.

So, how are businesses currently building their cyber defenses…and how that might change in the future thanks to AI?

The current state of cybersecurity

Today, companies place an emphasis on the security of their internal network. If hackers manage to infiltrate that layer of their infrastructure, it is only a matter of time before a “small” breach becomes a large-scale attack.

The most common tactic for network protection is a firewall. Firewalls can exist either as a software tool or a hardware…


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