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Motorola has carved out a solid reputation for itself in the mid-range segment with phones that offer a good balance of features and pure Android experience at reasonable prices. Now that competition is at an all-time high, and even big names like Samsung are reworking their strategy, Motorola is also stepping up its game. Motorola One Vision is the latest phone from the company and it aims to be more premium than the bread-and-butter Moto G-series. This new model ups the ante with a more modern design and upgraded camera hardware, while still retaining a competitive price.

The phone’s hole-punch camera is a feature that is still usually seen only on high-end phones, while the 21:9 display is being touted as multimedia-friendly. The camera hardware also impressive on paper, and there are a host of photography features to play with. But how relevant are these features in the long run? More importantly, does the Motorola One Vision offer a good enough experience to justify its asking price of Rs. 19,999? Let’s dive into the review and find out.


Motorola One Vision design

The Motorola One Vision debuts a new design language for Motorola phones, adopting a curved glass profile with…

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