Nokia 4.2 Review: One Big Flaw

The Nokia 4.2 has been a roller coaster. My initial review unit suffered from constant stutters and freezes that made using the phone a hair-pulling affair. The second unit has delivered a markedly improved experience, but it doesn’t stop this $189 phone from having several compromises.

Affordable phones have to make sacrifices, but the problem rests with the competition. Motorola makes a phone with performance that’s magnitudes better for just $10 more: The Moto G7 Play. It also has the more convenient USB-C port, on top of a decent camera, great battery life, and a near-stock Android experience.

HMD’s Nokia 4.2 has a lot going for it. The camera, while slow, is capable in broad daylight. It doesn’t look its price (in a good way), battery life is amazing, and I love the notification LED that circles the power button. It’s also an Android One phone, so it’s guaranteed updates for two years. But it all boils down to performance, and it can be frustrating.

Compact design, average display

The Nokia 4.2 doesn’t resemble a budget phone. The Moto G7 Play, by comparison, looks and feels decidedly cheap. The Nokia 4.2 has a metal unibody with a polycarbonate frame, and…

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