OnePlus shares more about always-on display, ultra-wide video recording for 7 Pro, plus other OxygenOS improvements

In addition to providing fast and frequent updates, OnePlus is becoming one of the most communicative Android phone manufacturers: It’s actually hearing and responding to requests for new features. Back in May, the company spoke out about reported issues and a handful of community requests for the 7 Pro — things like wide-angle video support, and an always-on display — and today it’s providing further updates about those requests, as well as others.

User feedback rarely elicits this type of direct response from a company, and whatever your opinion of OnePlus’ products might be, behavior like this should be praised and encouraged from Android OEMs. I wish more companies engaged in conversation with their consumers to this degree.

Rather than paraphrase the features and status updates discussed, the full list is presented below in the form of a Q&A by OnePlus’ Shine L, a staff member in OxygenOS operations.

Q: Will OnePlus 7 Pro support horizon light customization?
A: We…

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