Report: Microsoft’s foldable Surface PC with Windows Core OS will run Android apps

A new report from Forbes is claiming that Microsoft’s upcoming foldable Surface PC, which I revealed to be in the works late last year under the codename Centaurus, will be able to run Android apps. In addition, the report also provides a few specifications, including screen size and possible CPU.

According to Forbes, Microsoft’s foldable Surface PC will sport two 9-inch displays with a 4:3 aspect ratio, along with a 10nm Lakefield Intel processor. I can confirm that Centaurus is indeed an Intel device, and does feature two separate displays, not a single foldable display like found on the recently announced Lenovo foldable PC.

I want to highlight the Android apps thing for a minute though, as this is something I’ve been hearing too. In fact, I’ve been hearing this for over a year, as it was first considered for Microsoft’s foldable pocket PC, codenamed Andromeda. Since Andromeda and Centaurus both run Windows Core OS, it wouldn’t be too difficult to get Android apps running on Centaurus if said capabilities had already been in development for Andromeda. Of course, whether Microsoft actually ships the ability to run those apps is the million dollar question.

Finally, Forbes…

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