Ryzen Leaks Making Intel Look BAD – WAN Show June 21, 2019

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25 Comments on “Ryzen Leaks Making Intel Look BAD – WAN Show June 21, 2019”

  1. About the camera thing: I am NOT a photographer but whenever someone talks about buying expensive cameras and whatever I would say "50 years ago there weren't even that many coloured cameras and there are several pictures that were taken and are still to this day unmatched by anything you can do with the most expensive camera in the market so yeah a camera does not make a photographer is the other way around"…

    And the hater thing against Apple HAS to be present all the time on LMG doesn't it?
    "Heck I would even take MacOS" as if it weren't more stable and more user friendly than anything out there… ¬¬

    BTW: I did learned something on this video: how to swap shirts seamlessly lol

  2. Mother fucking christ all I have learned ever is do not fucking buy anything. I waited forever to get a fucking high end AMD processor. I just rebuilt my rig and thought the next gen was years out. The one time I go ham on my rig now I can only hope my AMD stock pays for new ryzen CPU

  3. Linus, the way windows is going to be free with a desktop like any of the desktop outside on Linux distros. They already included WSL in Win 10 and my guess MS will make a version of Linux with the windows desktop in the near future. That will be free for the general users and a paid version with support will be available for business like Red Hat Linux does.

  4. Windows (headless) runs on a Raspberry Pi now. Yet another reason why you guys need to do a RPi build in a tiny case, and overclock the hell out of it. On LN2! And then build a Kube cluster out of a bunch of them. I would pay good money to see that.

  5. No they're not. Relax. The hell with Ryzan. This shit won't perform as stable or reliable. Excuses , excuses. it wasn't on this optimal bored, memory, blah blah. IT'S JUNK. I"m my my 6th gen i7k at 4.8 no water cooling. They're still the same price. It's all hype. AMD won't be cheaper, because it'll be about 99% of the price of intel.

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