Should I buy the AmazonBasics Microwave?

Best answer: If you’re already an Echo user, the AmazonBasics Microwave can be an affordable microwave that you can keep for years. You better keep that Echo nearby because it can’t hear you on its own, though, and its lower-end 700 watts means your food might cook more slowly.

Alexa, nuke the popcorn: AmazonBasics Microwave ($50)

So how smart is this microwave?

The AmazonBasics Microwave may sound fancy with its Alexa integration, auto-refilling popcorn, and simplified controls, but let’s get one thing very clear very quickly: you can’t talk directly to the microwave. That Alexa button that sits bottom center on the microwave’s controls does not turn on a microphone in the microwave, because the AmazonBasics Microwave does not actually have a microphone or speaker inside it. That Alexa button instead signals a paired Amazon Echo device to go into listening mode — or you can just say “Hey Alexa” — and then give your command. Without an Amazon Echo device paired to it, the…

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