Trump says U.S. firms can continue doing business with Huawei as trade talks resume

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What you need to know

  • At the G20 summit, Donald Trump has confirmed that U.S. firms will be allowed to continue doing business with Huawei.
  • Huawei isn’t off the Commerce Department’s Entity List, but Trump’s statement allows the likes of Google, Intel, and Qualcomm to provide services to Huawei.
  • The move comes as the U.S. and China resume trade talks.

Huawei’s month-long nightmare is nearing an end, as Donald Trump has confirmed at the G20 summit in Japan that U.S. companies can continue doing business with the Chinese manufacturer.

Trump said that allowing U.S. firms to supply components to the Chinese manufacturer doesn’t pose a national security threat:

I did agree to allow our companies – you know, jobs, I like our companies selling things to other people. So I allowed that to happen. Very complex things. Not easy — this is not things that are easy to make.

Very few companies are able to do it, but a tremendous amount of money. Our companies were very upset. These companies are great companies you know all of them. But they weren’t exactly happy with it. But we’re allowing that, because that wasn’t national security.

Just over a month ago, Huawei was put on the U.S….

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